Obama's Incredible Spin on the Payroll Tax Cut Extension

The Senate passed the payroll tax cut extension for two months with a bipartisan vote of 89-10, immediately departing town to make sure they didn’t miss out on their Christmas vacation, a nice long vacation if you can get it.  The House of Representatives had earlier passed a bill that

saw an extension for one year, which the Senate nixed, as they do most bills passed by the House.  Feeling the pressure from his caucus, Speaker Boehner requested that the bill be taken into conference in an attempt to get a one year extension.  Democrats in the Senate and the President refused to budge on the issue and went out of their way to portray the Republicans as the “Scrooge that stole Christamas.”  This forced Speaker Boehner to adopt a face saving measure, which included a clause in the bill that the one year extension would be negotiated as soon as possible and that Democrats would appoint conference members to partake in the negotiations.

The President has taken advantage of the House Republican actions with incredible spin, first during his address that ended with Aloah and second with an e-mail from the White House.   The e-mail released by the White House this afternoon  basically thanked Americans for writing on the White House website and describing what $40 meant to

them.   The White House also said that the President is committed to working hard for the middle class to ensure the payroll tax cut  and unemployment benefits will be extended until the end of 2012.

We aren’t done fighting for the middle class. When Congress returns, they need to keep working to reach an agreement that will extend this tax cut and unemployment insurance for all of 2012 — without drama or delay.

That’s just the beginning of our work ahead in the new year to put more Americans back to work, restore middle-class security, and ensure that folks who work hard and play by the rules get a fair shot.

The fact is that this is exactly what the House Republicans were looking for and the President had a golden opportunity to lead and recall the Senate to make it happen now, instead of revisiting the issue in the new year.   Instead the President chose to use gimmickry and demonize the opposition.   The $40, for one thing, is based on an income of $50,000 and not the medium income of $31,000.  The payroll tax holiday takes money from the Social Security Trust Fun to the tune of $140 Billion annually.

While it is easy to play to the emotions of working families, one could expect, at the very least, for the occupant of the oval office to be honest and lead.  U.S. politics has become the laughing stock of the world.  Why should anyone take the President and lawmakers serious?  It is obvious that all Washington is interested in is getting re-elected.  This is probably not the way to success though.

Americans should be insulted for being taken for fools by the political elite.

What $40 means to Americans

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