House and Senate Approve Deal on Payroll Tax Cut

Late yesterday a deal was reached between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker John Boehner, which would extend the payroll tax cut by two months , but required that a conference would work toward extending the tax cuts for a full year.  Unanimous approval was needed to pass the bill.  The Senate approved the deal first by a simple voice vote.  Less than thirty minutes after the Senate passed the bill the House passed it without objection.

The passage of the bill ends a week long bitter dispute, which saw the Republicans at a disadvantage in the game of politics.  Democrats and the White House used the dispute to portray themselves as the champions of the middle class.  Pressure was put on Speaker John Boehner both from the White House and the GOP elite to pass the bill.

Although the Republican dominated House earlier passed the measure as a  one year extension, the Senate modified the bill and only passed a two months extension.  Despite the House’s passage initially the the two sides disagreed on how the tax cut would be paid for.  Senate Republican reached agreement with their Democrat counterparts for a two months extension.

Any member of either chamber could have returned to Washington from the holiday vacation and objected to the procedural vote. But despite grumbling from some House conservatives who are angry that their leaders accepted the two-month deal sought by President Obama, none came to the Capitol Friday to do so.

Objecting would have meant forcing a dicey full House vote on the issue next week. And any member who sought to block the bill would have been held personally responsible for canceling his or her colleagues’ vacation and, worse, allowing worker’s taxes to rise Jan. 1.  Washington Post

What played out in Washington, DC this week was nothing short of gimmickry and demonstrated that adult supervision is needed.  Since the President and everyone else wanted a one year extension, his leadership could have facilitated passage of such a bill.  Instead the President used the White House for his campaign propaganda, went shopping and gloated  how $40 could buy three or four pizzas.

While the main stream media and the Left likes to blame the Republican dominated House and the Tea Party, the finger should be pointed directly at the President who has provided no leadership at all.   We should always remember that leadership is the art of convincing others to dow what we want them to do willingly and not by using gimmicks.

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