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In 2007-2008 we started to take a good look at Senator Barack Obama and the company he kept.  In our view, water seeks it’s own level and ones own character can be understood by those one surrounds themselves. Simply put, the English Proverb and biblical references, One is known by the company he Keeps.

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Senator Barack Obama had some shady relationships during his short Political career.  His dealings with the Likes of Union Boss Trumka, Antonin (Tony) Rezko, Bill Ayers, Planned Parenthood, and The Reverend Jeremiah  Wright had us concerned.  We believed that if this man become President of the United States, he would  transform  this country into a reflection of the sum total of their values.  We were right.

We would be Amiss if we did not the same type of Vetting own the Republican Candidate.  In comes Congressman Ron Paul.

Meet Alex Jones

The Republican Jewish Coalition announced this month that congressman Ron Paul would not be among the six guests invited to participate in its Republican Presidential Candidates Forum. “He’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization,” said Matt Brooks, executive director of the RJC, adding that the group “rejects his misguided and extreme views.”

Paul’s exclusion caused an uproar, with critics alleging that his stand on Israel had earned the RJC’s ire; an absolutist libertarian, Paul opposes foreign aid to all countries, including the Jewish state. “This seems to me more of an attempt to draw boundaries around acceptable policy discourse than any active concern that President Dr. Ron Paul would be actively anti-Israel or anti-Semitic,” wrote Reason editor Matt Welch. Chris McGreal of the Guardian reported that Paul “was barred because of his views on Israel.” Even Seth Lipsky, editor of the New York Sun and a valiant defender of Israel (and friend and mentor of this writer), opined, “The whole idea of an organization of Jewish Republicans worrying about the mainstream strikes me as a bit contradictory.”

While Paul’s views on Israel certainly place him outside the American, never mind Republican, mainstream, there is an even more elementary reason the RJC was right to exclude him from its event. It is Paul’s lucrative and decades-long promotion of bigotry and conspiracy theories, for which he has yet to account fully, and his continuing espousal of extremist views, that should make him unwelcome at any respectable forum, not only those hosted by Jewish organizations.

via The Company Ron Paul Keeps | The Weekly Standard.

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