Gallup Poll Suggests Republicans More Enthusiastic Than Democrats for 2012 Election

Despite President Obama’s attempts to create enthusiasm among his base, a USA Gallup Poll suggests that Republicans are more enthusiastic over the 2012 election.  Obama has taken every opportunity to slight the GOP during his “We Can’t Wait”  campaign and culminated with his “Vision for America” speech in Osawatomie, Kansas last week.

Seen by many as a “class warfare” campaign, Obama tried to set the record straight during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes host Steve Kroft.  The President tried to shrug off any reference to his record on the economy.  His latest attempt to trap the GOP is his spin on the “Payroll Tax Reduction Extension” debate, claiming that Republicans are ok with raising taxes on the middle class, while doing everything to prevent taxing the rich under the motto that everyone should pay their fair share.

It would appear that Americans are not buying Obama’s argument, especially in swing states.  Recent polls have also shown that a generic Republican candidate would defeat Obama 47 to 42%.

Needless to say the President will not have as easy a campaign as he did in 2008.   Regardless, Republicans should not let their guard down.  This will be one of the dirtiest campaigns is history.  Above all candidates need to grow a thick skin and continue to point at Obama’s record on the economy and refute the democratic spin.

TODAY/Gallup Swing States Poll has more bad news for Barack Obama and Democrats as the enthusiasm gap between parties, which favored Democrats in 2008 has swung towards Republicans.

And the “enthusiasm gap” that helped fuel a Democratic victory last time has turned into a Republican asset. Sixty-one percent of Republicans say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president next year, compared with 47% of Democrats.

Among the most enthusiastic are some of the GOP’s core voters: conservatives, middle-aged men and those 50 to 64 years old. Those who are least enthused include core Democratic groups that were critical to Obama’s election in 2008, including minorities and younger voters.  Front Lines

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  1. Hilarious. Obama hasn’t even started campaigning. What happens when he points out that over a hundred Republican congressmen who voted against the stimulus took hundreds of millions of dollars of stimulus and created thousands of jobs and then took credit for those jobs. And that’s just one thing. Republicans held both houses and the presidency for 6 straight years. Every foreign, domestic and economic problem this country faces can be traced right to those 6 years. And Obama hasn’t even started campaigning. Imagine if Republicans had been in charge. The recession would have become a depression and Bin Laden would still be living in his Villa and we would have a quarter million soldiers in Iraq.

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