Democratic Lawmaker Blasts ‘Professor Obama’ as Arrogant, Alienating

A Democratic lawmaker, Representative Dennis Cardoza, (D-Calif) has slammed President Obama in an article in the Hill.   In the article, Cardoza calls the President arrogant and claims that the President acted more like a professor than a President. He described the Administration and White House staff as suffering from Idea Disease.

As he describes the White House’s attitude toward Congress, he uses words like arrogant, one who lectures instead of listening and with an attitude I am right, you’re wrong.  He backs this up with Obama’s constant reference to “teaching moments,” early during his Administration. He also claims that President Obama never talks to real people and that many senior policy decision makers have never spoken to him, especially if they are not part of his inner circle.

Of course the Congressman is not describing anything that wasn’t already known, it is only odd that it is coming from a Congressman who has voted 97% in favour of Obama’s policies.

After observing President Obama for the last three years, it has become obvious to me that the president might prefer to be a university professor rather than do the job he holds today. While he might not realize that he feels this way, the evidence is very clear to those who work with or watch him closely.

Let me be clear — I’m not trying to disparage professors. But anyone who wonders why the president is not crushing the weak Republican field only needs to examine how President Obama has behaved more like Professor Obama:

‘IDEA DISEASE’  In the president’s first year in office, his administration suffered from what I call “idea disease.” Every week, and sometimes almost every day, the administration rolled out a new program for the country.   Read More


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