Gingrich is for Progressives – Wanna Beck?

Ask any Conservative you happen to see, “who is the best President in the twentieth century?” Roosevelt? Lets just say it’s the same guy who is willing to sit on a couch with Nancy Pelosi.

Just when we thought that Glenn Beck had fallen to the n=bowels of middle earth, he has risen from the Ashes with a Claim and a Clip or two, three, four… Gingrich Loves Progressives Especially Roosevelt

Gingrich Flashback: ‘Progressive’ FDR Was ‘Greatest President of the 20th Century’ (Plus – SEIU’s Andy Stern Is Visionary Union Leader!)

There is an interesting research study that sheds some light on why someone like Gingrich, who is abrasive and has a history of ethical lapses, enjoys his current standing in the polls.

Research has shown that the most important factor in charisma is self-confidence. Interestingly, the confidence doesn’t even have to be justified for people to consider a leader charismatic. In fact, narcissists are initially viewed as confident and charismatic leaders-although that perception eventually changes when the leader’s true capabilities are revealed.

In times of conflict, people who are aggressive and emotionally cool or cold are more likely to be seen as more charismatic leaders.  Since the focus is on the person’s aggressiveness, the ethics of the person is not seen as important.

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