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Last night’s ABC News Republican debate, in which the two front runners Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney were the target of most jabs, did not bring forth a clear winner.   Newt Gingrich kept his composure and fended off all of the attacks with a thoughtful answer.  Gingrich was the front runner prior to the debate and probably did not cause any harm to his front runner status.

Mitt Romney’s unforced error came when he challenged Rick Perry to $10,000 bet.  The challenge got swift reaction from the candidates on stage, Jon Huntsman and the DNC.

In the midst of tonight’s GOP debate, Mitt Romney — a member of a faith that opposes gambling — attempted to make a $10,000 betwith Rick Perry like the other 99 percent make a $20 bet.

“I wonder if he had that in his pocket,” quipped Newt Gingrich. Jon Huntsman informed supporters that he was launching a site called The DNC jumped on board with an email titled “Here’s What the Average American Family Can Buy with $10,000.” And on Twitter, #What10Kbuys is trending worldwide.

As for the bet itself? Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing Rick Perry turned Mitt down.  The Daily What

The debate was probably the most contentious of the 12 debates,  where Bachmann, Perry, Santorum and Ron Paul pointed out the similarities of the two front runners.  Michelle Bachmann did well to point out those similarities.  While both Gingrich and Romney were for the “Pay Roll Tax Extension”, Bachmann and Rick Santorum were against it, pointing out that it took away funds from the Social Security Trust Fund.  Some of the candidates called it a gimmick.

With just 23 days to go before the Iowa caucuses Newt Gingrich according to some polls has 82% support of the Tea Party, ahead of Bachmann and Perry.  To say the least the debate last night was lively.  Below is the lead story the morning after from the Demoines Register:

It was a Saturday night brawl in Des Moines, with Republican rivals clubbing each other and front-runner Newt Gingrich, who batted back at criticisms that he once supported mandating purchase of health insurance and that he makes inflammatory remarks.

But despite withering criticism of Gingrich and to a lesser extent fellow national front-runner Mitt Romney, if anyone won the debate, it was Gingrich, said Iowa Republican strategist Richard Schwarm.

“He entered the debate with momentum and did not lose any momentum,” Schwarm said. “Despite being the main target, he was not damaged.”

One of the most memorable moments of the ABC News/Des Moines Register debate was when Romney bet Rick Perry he was wrong about what Romney had written about a national health care mandate.

“Rick, I’ll tell you what: $10,000 bucks? 10,000 bet?” Romney said, extending a hand for a handshake.

Perry stepped back, saying: “I’m not in the betting business. I’m in the politicking business.”

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