US Spy Drone Penetrated More Than 150 Miles Into Iran – Iranian Letter to UN

The US RQ-170 Spy drone penetrated more than 150 miles into Iranian territory, according to the Iranian State Television Website.  According to the website, a letter to the UN has protested the violation of Iranian air space for 250 km (approximately 155 miles) before confronting the reaction of Iran’s Armed Forces.

“Provocative and secret actions by the American government against the Islamic republic in recent months” have been on the increase.”  The site said that Teheran had lodged  “a strong protest against this violation of international rules by the U.S. government” and warned against any “repetition of such actions.”

While the U.S. has admitted that the drone was the one that it had lost, it has stated that the drone was deployed along the Afghan/Pakistan border and that it had lost control of it.   If Teheran’s statement is true, an explanation is required how the drone ventured that far without being controlled by an operator.

Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of the aerospace unit said that the drone had been taken down by a cyber attack.

“It fell into the trap of (the Guards) electronic warfare unit who then managed to land it with minimum damage.”

According to Fars News Agency, a hardline MP, Mohammad Kossari, gave a stern warning should there further violations.

“Iran will target all U.S. military bases around the world.”

The story has changed since Iran’s initial announcement.  On December 4th Iran reported that the drone had been shot down by Iranian Armed Forces after making an incursion into Iranian airspace along the Afghan/Pakistan border.

Tensions between Teheran and Washington have heightened over Iran’s nuclear program.  There is also speculation that Israel is mulling an airstrike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, with or without U.S. backing.

GOP Presidential candidates have criticized the Obama Administration for being too soft on Iran.   Obama has claimed that the sanctions are working.

251 of the drones have been manufactured by Lockheed-Martin at a cost of $6 Million.

Recent Incidents Inside Iran that Raise Suspicion of a Covert War

When an American president says all options are available to keep a rogue state from getting nuclear warheads, the presumption is he is willing to wage war if need be. But 21st-century warfare goes far beyond sending in the marines or launching bombers.

Keeping Tehran’s ruling mullahs from getting their fingers on a nuclear trigger is a vast, complicated effort ranging from rhetoric to sanctions. Most military analysts doubt Iran’s mostly buried, nuclear-research and missile-development facilities scattered in dozens of locations could be bombed into oblivion without a full-blown war.  Globe and Mail 

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