Obama: I am not an Appeaser – Ask Bin Laden

President Obama’s Middle East policy, especially in regards to Israel, has come under fire by GOP Presidential hopefuls.  During the past week the Obama Administration has come out with several comments that would indicate that Israel is to blame for the stalling of Middle East peace talks.

During the past week there have been, what is viewed by some, sharp criticism of Israel and specifically the Netanyahu government.  Pentagon Chief Leon Panetta voiced his displeasure by stating at the Saban Forum that the Israelis should just get back to the negotiating table and urged Israel to increase its efforts to reconcile with Turkey.   Israel and Turkey’s relations became strained during the Flotilla incident, when an Israeli Special Operations team boarded the flotilla and killed nine activists.  Panetta also openly rebuked Israeli arguments about the effectiveness of a possible military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Hillary Clinton showed displeasure with Israel over women’s issues and defunding of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that have been critical of Israel.

During a closed-door session at the Saban Forum conference, Clinton reportedly lashed out at attempts by Israeli lawmakers, with some backing from the Netanyahu government, to limit the activity of civil society nongovernmental organizations. She was also said to have expressed anger at accounts of increased gender segregation in Israel. Clinton took particular issue with reports that women are required to take the back seats on certain bus lines in Israel, a demand that reminded her of Rosa Parks and America’s civil rights struggle.   The Jewish Daily Forward

GOP Presidential candidates were also critical of Obama’s Iran Policy.  Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania on Wednesday said Obama’s policy toward radical Islamists “has been nothing but appeasement.”

Mitt Romney, on Wednesday,  said Obama “emboldened Palestinian hard-liners who now are poised to form a unity government with terrorist Hamas and feel they can bypass Israel at the bargaining table.” Romney also accused Obama of being “timid and weak in the face of the existential threat of a nuclear Iran.”

Obama called it political noise and said that his administration had put the toughest sanctions on Iran.

“Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement. Or whoever is left out there, ask them about that.”

“When we came into office, the world was divided; Iran was unified and moving aggressively on its own agenda.  “Today Iran is isolated, and the world is unified and applying the toughest sanctions that Iran’s ever experienced, and it’s having an impact inside of Iran.”

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration.”

Just yesterday towns and cities in southern Israel came under rocket attacks.   Eventually the Israeli Air Force responded with air strikes,  killing two Hamas terrorists.   Israel is surrounded by countries that are prepared to wipe it off the map.  The Arab Spring has not yielded the results that were anticipated.  Egypt, which has signed a peace treaty with Israel, is in a transformation, where the military may lose its grip on the country to a government controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Iran continues to defy the international community and despite sanctions continues its pursuit for nuclear weapons.   The capture of the stealth drone has in all likelihood compromised stealth technology, which will be shared with Russia and China.  There are no signs of the world being united.  Every attempt to apply tough sanctions within the context of the UN is blocked by China and Russia.  The so-called reset button with Russia, requires another reset.

The Obama Administration and the world was full of hope that there would be change.  Obama was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based on what he would do.  Looking back at the past three years, is the world really a better and safer place?


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