Gingrich Leads in Three of Four Early Key States – CNN/Time/ORC Poll

A poll released late Wednesday has to be of worry to the Romney campaign.  Newt Gingrich has taken significant leads in Iowa 33% to Romney’s 20%, in South Carolina 43% to 20% and in the battle state of Florida 48% to 25%.   In New Hampshire, where Romney was seen as unbeatable, Gingrich has made a 19 point gain.

The former Speaker’s was seen as dead earlier this year when his campaign staff quit.  Gingrich has slugged along slowly and has done well in all debates.  He particularly shone during the Foreign Affairs/National Security debate.   Romney, who has been the front runner for some time, has not resonated with most conservative voters.   It would seem that conservatives have thrown their weight behind Gingrich, after the suspension of Herman Cain’s campaign.

Despite the surge of Newt Gringrich, there are still a lot of voters that say they could change their mind.   While Romney has mainly concentrated on criticizing President Obama, his focus  will shift  to the former Speaker.   The Romney campaign has already started highlighting “integrity”, touting Romney’s 42 year marriage to the same woman.  Look for ads to intensify as Romney defines the difference between him and the Speaker.  Gingrich on his part will highlight his ability to get things done in a bipartisan way, pointing at the present discord in Congress.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, once given up for dead in the Republican presidential primary, picked the right moment for a dramatic comeback. With less than a month to go until voting begins, Gingrich now leads the field of GOP contenders in Iowa, South Carolina and Florida and is within striking distance of the lead in New Hampshire according to a new CNN/TIME/ORC poll released on Wednesday.

In Iowa, Gingrich notches 33% support to Mitt Romney’s 20% among likely caucus goers. Gingrich leads Romney 43% to 20% in South Carolina. And in Florida, Gingrich is leading 48% to Romney’s 25%. These numbers show a meteoric rise: Since the last time this poll was conducted in late October, Gingrich has gained 35 points in South Carolina, 31 points in Florida, plus 23 points in Iowa. Most troubling of all for Romney, Gingrich has posted a 19-point gain in New Hampshire, once a stronghold for the former Massachusetts governor.

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