Obama to Take 17 Day Christmas Vacation in Hawaii

The White House has announced that President Obama will jet off to Hawaii for a 17 day Christmas vacation, joined by his wife Michelle and his daughters, Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10.  Obama was in Hawaii just two weeks ago for the APEC summit.  There are no public appearance planned during the trip.

The President, who has been selling his “Jobs Act” under the slogan “We can’t wait” can apparently take time out, while millions of Americans are looking for jobs, are trying to feed their families and live from payday to payday.

The vacation comes amid a financial crisis in Europe, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s President Sarkozy have taken the lead to diffuse the crisis.   Merkel has staked her political capital by convincing the German Parliament to back her in demanding tighter regulation of spending by Eurozone countries.  While the President is urging Europeans to sort out their problems, he continues with America’s spending spree, including his vacation.

The President was even prepared to hold Congress over the Christmas period if the payroll tax cut extension was not passed.  Apparently that does not apply to him.

For a President that has shown so much concern for the environment, apparently carbon emission from Airforce 1 and his convoys do not count.

The President has also been on a campaign to extend the payroll tax cut, a tax cut that effectively takes $120 Billion out of the Social Security Fund annually and is expected to run dry by 2037.   Instead of leading, Obama has been dividing and campaigning around the country, a good portion on the taxpayers dime.

One would think, with all the pressing business of the nation and around the globe, Obama would be tireless in his pursuit to solve these problems and curtail his carbon emissions.

How much does an Obama vacation to Hawaii cost?

An article in the UK’s Daily Mail breaks down the cost as follows:

The President’s family covers the cost of a private beach front residence in Kailua, Oahu, for their vacation – a ‘Winter White House’ that costs up to $3,500 a day, or $75,000 a month.

But the local and federal taxpayers help pay the bill for travel and security.

Last year the trip cost more than $1 million,according to the Hawaii Reporter.

Read more: Daily Mail
The vacation follows one for 11 days earlier this year at Martha’s Vineyard, which also cost the tax payer millions of dollar.
While Obama continues to claim that he is looking out for the middle class, he certainly doesn’t set the example.  Obama likes to roam among the rich and famous and obviously live like them.  In a time of economic crisis, while many Americans are suffering, a little restraint and leadership by example would be appropriate.


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  1. What a jerk. I know everyone needs a break but 17 days when there will be Americans not eating at Christmas while he suns it in Hawaii. I pray that America is not gullible enough to bring this egomaniac back to the white house next year. I can’t name a single thing that he has actually done. What a nothing of a president and I hope he will be justly remembered as so. 4 years totally wasted while Americans continue to suffer. I am SICK of seeing his smirking ugly face and that of his wife too.

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