Anti-Capitalist 'Occupy' Main Street say Boycott Black Friday

Alternative Title:  Occupy Movement ‘Target’ Black Friday

What folks don’t realize is that it is not just corporations in some New York or Delaware corporate brood of Billionaires.  Many of these are franchises owned by local business people, Who hire local help for the holidays.

With unemployment looming at 9 percent, what is this movement trying to do?  Is it to punish others who have a job, hoping they too will become unemployed?

Boycott Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Burlington Coat Factory , GameStop ,  Oh and Dollar Tree?  Really?  Dollar Tree? Sad.

We encourage others to look at the ‘Targeted’ list and protest with your pocketbook.  Buy and stimulate the economy!

Here is where we agree, find the stores that are locally owned and operated and give them your Business on Small Business Saturday.

Oh, and just so you know, Iran’s PressTV and Russia Today (RT) are fanning the flame of unrest in America.  Seems the OWS are becoming part of the Anti-America Rhetoric not seen since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Occupy Wall Street-inspired protesters are eyeing a new target — Target. And dozens of other companies.

A campaign under the name “Occupy Black Friday” is trying to enlist supporters to boycott just about every major retailer, and quite a few mid-sized ones, the day after Thanksgiving. The protesters are casting a wide net, urging people to demonstrate against the top retail stores — a list that includes everything from Wal-Mart to Target to Dick’s Sporting Goods to Dollar Tree.

“The idea is simple, hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits,” the group’s Facebook page reads, describing Black Friday as the “one day where the mega-corporations blatantly dictate our actions.”

But retailers, who are monitoring the mini-movement, warn that a blanket boycott could end up hurting local communities.

via ‘Occupy’-Inspired Campaign Urges Boycott Of Black Friday | Fox News.


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