Occupy W Suite – Not everyone sleeps on the Street – OWS Elites

Occupy W Suite – Not everyone sleeps on the Street – OWS Elites

A couple of years ago while in Manhattan my wife and I stayed at the W hotel downtown. Why? Because we had a tremendous urge to stick it to The Man, that’s why. By the time we checked out, a feeling of satisfaction engulfed us because we knew we’d finally gotten even with the upper one percent. It was the kind of warm deliverance from a world of Wall Street greed that only paying hundreds of dollars to a publicly traded corporate hotel chain can provide.

As it turns out, we were “Occupiers” before Occupying was cool.

From the New York Post:

A key Occupy Wall Street leader and another protester who leads a double life as a businessman ditched fetid tents and church basements for rooms at a luxurious hotel that promises guests can “unleash [their] inner Gordon Gekko,” The Post has learned.

The $700-per-night W Hotel Downtown last week hosted both Peter Dutro, one of a select few OWS members on the powerful finance committee, and Brad Spitzer, a California-based analyst who not only secretly took part in protests during a week-long business trip but offered shelter to protesters in his swanky platinum-card room.

“Tents are not for me,” he confessed, when confronted in the sleek black lobby of the Washington Street hotel where sources described him as a “repeat” guest.

Spitzer, 24, an associate at financial-services giant Deloitte, which netted $29 billion in revenue last year, admitted he joined the protest at Zuccotti Park several times.

It’s unbelievable that Occupiers would even consider staying at the W… when there’s vacancy at the Ritz Carlton?

via Michelle Malkin » ‘Occupy $700 a Night Hotel’.

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