Don’t Worry Be Happy – Pocket Lining Democrats Have Your Back

Sympathy and seemingly support for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement are the hallmarks for the President, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wassermann-Schultz.  Their motto should read “We are the 1%.”  While they demonize Wall Street, blame George Bush for the countries economic woes, they have allegedly been lining their pockets.  A 60 minute segment on 13 November highlighted how Members of Congress have exempted themselves from Insider trading laws and have made millions as a result.   A Pelosi Aid called it a right wing smear.

According to an article in the Christian Post (CP),  Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul bought between $1 and $5 million worth of Visa shares at an initial public offering back in March 2008.  The stock shot up from $44 to $64 overnight.  The report states that even if the Pelosis had only bought $1 Million worth, the stock would have earned the $100,000.

The extract from below, demonstrates how Members of Congress allegedly work.  While publicly declaring that the look after the disadvantaged and main street, they have allegedly filled their own pockets.  The disturbing fact is that for the most part these politicians can’t see why it is either ethically or morally wrong.

The governing elite is out of touch with main stream society.  The country has just passed the $15 Trillion debt threshold, the economy is in the ditch, 9% of Americans are unemployed and 40 Million Americans are on food stamps.

Members of Congress, during these difficult economic times,  have prospered.  If you consider this bunch your friends, you truly won’t need enemies.


Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae’s CEO through 2005, who helped plunge the government-sponsored mortgage giant into the subprime abyss, while cooking Fannie’s books to score fatter bonuses for himself and other Clinton Democrats on its board. Despite holding 20 hearings and 700 interviews, Pelosi’s commission never found room for Raines on the witness list. One of the prime suspects in the crisis got off scot-free.

Henry Cisneros, Clinton’s housing chief who strong-armed Countrywide Financial into signing “fair lending” contracts that exposed it to billions in risky subprime loans. Cisneros later joined Countrywide’s board. Pelosi’s son also worked for Countrywide.

Rahm Emanuel, who served on Freddie Mac’s board, where he pocketed $320,000 before making millions working for an investment banker in Chicago that brokered high-cost subprime loans to minorities.

Barney Frank, who was one of Fannie’s and Freddie’s biggest protectors — and beneficiaries of their political donations — on Capitol Hill. Frank landed a plum Fannie job for his gay partner, Herb Moses, whose work involved relaxing Fannie’s restrictions on home loans. Frank previously led the House committee charged with oversight of Fannie, which also gave at least $25,000 to Frank’s mother’s charity in Boston. His glaring conflicts of interest were never investigated.

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