US Withdrawal from Iraq Influenced by Iran?

US diplomats were involved in negotiations that would have left a continges of over 15,000 troops in Iraq, after the US. withdrawal.  An agreement could not be reached and stumbled on the fact that the US wanted indemnity form Iraq prosecution for US troops.  It would now appear that Iran influenced Iraq’s decision, according to a senior adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki.

There has been speculation for some time that Iran has been extending its influence in Iraq, where the US has fought since 2003,  has paid close to $1 Trillion and lost nearly 4500 soldiers.  Over 32,000 were wounded in action.  Add to that countless soldiers suffering from  PTSD, raising doubts about the accomplishments of the war and if the sacrifice was worth it.

President Obama announced proudly that all US troops would be home by the holidays, many questioning the rationale of this rapid pullout.  30,000 troops need to be pulled out of Libya by the end of the year, with only a handful remaining to protect the US embassy.

This latest revelation of Iran’s influence in Iraq, if true, is troublesome.  The stated aim for “mission accomplished” in Iraq was, “An independent, democratic Iraq, which will be strong US ally in the region.   This aim appears to be fading.   Is this another foreign policy disaster?  The Middle East is increasingly turning into a very dangerous place.  Assad’s regime, an ally of Iran, is defying calls to reforms and has in the last few days killed 90 people involved in anti-government protests.  President Obama continues to talk about severe sanctions against Iran, while Israel is preparing to remove the nuclear danger in Iran.  This is a time bomb, waiting to explode and the US better be prepared to deal with it.

Iran influenced Baghdad’s decision to refuse to allow the US to keep troops in Iraq beyond the end of this year, a senior adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has told the BBC.

Under the current agreement, the US must withdraw all its remaining forces from Iraq by 31 December.

The admission will fuel speculation about Iran’s growing influence in Iraq, as US forces leave.

Iraq’s decision was a humiliating moment for the United States.

Washington had lobbied hard, and publicly, for a new agreement that would allow the US to keep a contingent of several thousand soldiers in Iraq.

via BBC News – Iran ‘influenced’ Iraq over US troops’ exit.

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