Study Claims Conservative Views Correlate with Anti-Social Behaviour

Fox News published a story yesterday referencing a study by a University of Tampa Professor, Marcus Arvan, who concludes in a study that there is significant correlation between conservative views and anti-social behaviour.   His study is suspect, since it seems to have excluded main stream conservatives from the study.  It would appear that the outcome of the study was concluded prior to completing the study.  Arvan claims not to have prejudge

d the outcome of the study, yet experts state that the study was limited in scope.   Arvan said he decided on the study when he noticed people were talking past each other.

To be sure a more comprehensive study would note similar traits with some  liberals.  To throw all conservatives into the same pot, is a far stretch.   Perhaps he should include some of the spin artists in the study.   Is it time to brush up our social skills, in fear of being identified as a psychopath?


A new study suggesting conservatives are far more likely to exhibit antisocial personality traits than liberals is drawing skepticism from critics who say the findings are a stretch at best.

The paper, by University of Tampa professor Marcus Arvan, claims to find “significant” correlations between key antisocial personality traits and bedrock conservative views, like opposition to gay marriage and support for capital punishment. Specifically, the research claims to find elements of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, also described as “deception,” among test subjects.

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  1. I think we best turn ourselves in right away. I hate being such a danger to myself. I wonder what they call their own cooks. Ooops sorry, they have no disorders. I read a nasty tweed this afternoon coming from a leftist Wisconsin Union person. I had to respond. I have no problems with a lively debate, but when they start name calling I draw the line.

  2. Karl:

    This is a recurring thread you will find on Left leaning sites.  Conservatism is some for of mental defect.  Last time I checked being a conservative was not listed anywhere in the Diagnostic
    and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. But those lefty clinical researchers who rely on Government funding for their projects will have it in there straight away. Next you and I will be considered a danger to self and others and locked up somewhere so we don’t eat animals, drive gas power automobiles, or even speak in public  about minorities being able to fend for themselves or even that local governments work better for the poor than do centralized government.  Horrors!

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