NDP take Anti-Keystone Case to American Lawmakers

The New Democratic Party (NDP)  is the furthest left of centre party in Canada.  It contains the far left fringe that can also be found in the Democratic Party in the United States.    During Canada’s last election in May this year, the NDP became the official opposition, replacing the Liberal Party, which has always governed from the centre left.  It is no surprise that the NDP would take their anti-Keystone pipeline crusade to Washington.   What the party fails to realize that the oil from the Alberta Oils Sands has been funding their treasured social programs.

The New Democratic Party stands for many issues embraced today in the Democratic Party. The party embodies gender equality and equal rights for the LBGT community, improving environmental protection, national water standards, reducing poverty and increasing corporate taxes, while decreasing taxes for small business. It further promotes aggressive human rights protection, improving public transportation, improving universality of health care, to include prescription drug coverage and dental care. Canadian Political Parties 

Regardless of the NDP’s stance on this issue, oil will continue to be used for some time to come. I would ask those opposed to the expansion, if they drive cars and how are they getting to Washington? Do they use plastic products, processed food, etc? You get my point. Until a viable and affordable replacement is found, oil will continue to fuel our North American economy.

As such we can either expand the Alberta Oil Sands or keep depending on Middle East oil for our addiction. To ignore the fact that we are being held hostage to Middle East oil, ignores the fact that Iran is about to emerge with a nuclear weapon. It also ignores the fact that some 40% of the world’s oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz, which can be easily disrupted by Iran.

It is bad enough that President Obama is dithering on the issue. It seems apparent that he will be successful to kick the can down the road past the 2012 election.  It is no surprise that the NDP is joining the anti-pipeline choir.  The official position on issues by the NDP mirror those of Democrats, increase social spending and tax the rich.  Sound familiar?

There is no problem with making the Federal and Alberta government accountable, however undermining the the Canadian economy is unacceptable.  Monday resource rich Saskatchewan had a provincial election.  The Saskatchewan Party, a big tent party, which includes conservatives and liberals won an overwhelming majority with 65% of the popular vote.  The NDP was all but sidelined with all but 30% of the vote, while the other parties received near 1%.  All of the NDPs gains in the federal election were primarily in Quebec.   It should not come as a surprise that the NDP was handily defeated in Saskatchewan.

Megan Leslie and Claude Gravelle are going to Washington, D.C., Tuesday to tell legislators that not all Canadians agree with TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline expansion plan.

“We’re trying to present a different face of Canada on this,” Leslie, the NDP’s environment critic, said.

“There are so many officials going down and saying this should be a no-brainer, we think there should be other officials saying we’d like to think about this.”

Leslie and Gravelle, who’s the NDP’s natural resources critic, are scheduled to meet with both Democrats and Republicans.

via NDP take Keystone case to Washington – Inside Politics.

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