Politisite Political Projections: Puts on Cain, Romney for the Dividend, and Gingrich call options

While no one who looks at numbers everyday thinks these numbers will stand, Cain and Romney are still tied for the GOP Nomination.

While Romney remains stable, Cain is dropping, and Gingrich is slowly rising.  If the writer were using each as a stock, he would be shorting Cain, Keeping Romney for the Dividend, and buying call options on Gingrich. The Politisite Political Projection model uses statistics to and a momentum modality on candidates.

PRINCETON, NJ — Herman Cain now ties Mitt Romney as the leader for the GOP presidential nomination in USA Today/Gallup polling on Republican preferences conducted Nov. 2-6. Each receives 21% support from Republicans nationwide. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry follow, with 12% and 11% support, respectively.

Gallup’s previous measure of Republicans’ preferences, conducted Oct. 3-7, also showed Romney and Cain essentially tied, with Romney at 20% support and Cain at 18%. At that point, Perry was in second place with 15%, followed by Ron Paul at 8% and Gingrich at 7%.

via Cain Ties Romney Atop GOP Field.


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