Chicago TEA Party Lead Activist on Sharon Bialek

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

When Sharon Bialek said that he was with Herman Cain at the Chicago TEA Party event with Herman Cain I reached out to one of the key voices and leaders of the Chicago TEA Party C. Steven Tucker and he says “I did not recognize her Chuck and I was there all weekend.”

I have been reaching out to my other friends in the Chicago TEA Party and so far no one recognizes her. Gloria Allred portrayed Bialek as a TEA Party Republican. Having seen her picture Bialek is not someone who goes unnoticed easily.

Tucker comments further:

I have spoken at Tea Party events ALL OVER Chicagoland including TeaCon Midwest 2011 where Gloria Allred says her client “confronted” Herman Cain. I have never seen nor have I ever even heard of a Sharon Bialek.

Steven Tucker with Herman Cain Steven Tucker with Herman Cain

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Sharon Bialek breaks the code of DC Confential

If anything, Bialek’s decision to come forward now is what’s puzzling, especially to cynics such as those who populate the ranks of political professionals. She says she’s not going to file any suit – though she has a lawyer. She says all she wants is for Cain to “come clean” – a demand so lacking in personal gain, it’s immediately suspicious.

And then, there’s her flawless hair, already the subject of debate on Twitter. How attractive Bialek is shouldn’t be a part of how we evaluate her statement, but we’re human, so it is … and the cynic in me simply notes that she’s attractive enough that one can believe that man would make a move on her, but not so hot that she passes that invisible line in popular perception to “easy”.

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More Think Cain Allegations are True

A new Pew Research survey finds that Americans who have heard about the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, on balance, think they are true rather than false, 39% to 24%.

However, there is a big difference between people who identify with one of the two major political parties. Among Democrats, 51% to 14% think the allegations are true. Among Republicans, 39% to 29% believe they are false.

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