Celebrities, Environmentalist Put Pressure on Obama to Block the XL Keystone Pipeline

Three years ago Trans Canada Pipelines applied for a Presidential Permit to build a pipeline that would carry oil from Hardesty, Alberta to refineries in Texas.  Hollywood celebrities and environmentalists have launched a campaign, which is intended to put pressure on President

Obama to block  the project.  Organized by the Natural Defense Council, a U.S. environmental group and supported by celebrities like Mark Raffulo, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, protesters were encouraged to hold hands around the White House, yesterday, to pressure Obama to block the pipeline.

“You know, for the president, it’s about making sure he holds true to the promises he made to fight climate change, and to the other candidates, it’s about calling them out when they act like climate change is not real, which of course it is.,”said Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, a spokeswoman for the Natural Defense Council.

According to Mark Raffulu and environmentalists, the project would be the final demise of the planet.  While environmentalists and celebrities put pressure on the President, who promised during his “Hope and Change” campaign to put an end to the tyranny of oil.

“Let us be the generation that ends the tyranny of Big Oil.”

The President made many promises during his 2012 campaign and his left base’s chickens have now come home to roost.  The fact that America needs oil, energy independence, energy  security, and the fact that this pipeline would provide a safe supply of oil to America is lost in the rhetoric.

Trans Canada Pipelines says that this would be the safest pipeline, with higher environmental standards  imposed than on any other pipeline now transporting oil across a network of pipelines throughout the United States.

Essentially the pipeline is a transportation issue.  Regardless of the pipeline, oil is being transported to the United States from the Middle East in tankers, often from countries that are hostile toward the United States.

For the  President the decision is two fold.  Does he listen to actors and environmentalists, or does he listen to the experts on the logistics of oil and its transportation system?   Does he with  go with jobs and the extensive environmental assessments conducted by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department, which determined that the environmental impact would be minimal?  The answer seems clear.

Earlier this year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,  during an address in California,  stated that she leaned toward approving the project.  Based on a recent interview, at a TV  station in Nebraska, that decision seems to have gone personally to the President.  There also appears a delay in the decision beyond the previous December 31st deadline.  The project could even be be kicked down the road beyond the 2012 election.

Regardless of Obama’s eventual decision, which should be in favor of creating jobs and energy independence, it is sure to be an issue during the 2012 election.  Stopping the pipeline will not stop Oil Sands development.   What it will do, though, is push a pipeline to the Canadian West Coast, where the oil will be sold to markets in Asia.

Both Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and Alberta’s Premier, Allison Redford, have reaffirmed their support for the project. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in an interview with Canadian media that he has full confidence that the project will be approved.  He said that the  project is essential for job creation and American energy independence.

While environmentalists and celebrities argue that oil sands expansion will be the demise of the planet, the XL Keystone Pipeline has had the most stringent environmental regulations imposed on it.  The Oil Sands developers have put the latest technology to use, while environmentalists and their celebrity supporters are working with outdated data to make their cases.

Based on facts, this project would be approved.  If the President bows to his left base, including his celebrity supporters, he will block the pipeline or kick it down the road to the next election.  Obama’s rhetoric has caught up with him.  The choice is between jobs and energy independence or the blown of rhetoric of environmentalists and Hollywood.

Below is a video featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus

See You at the White House

Find out the Real Story About Alberta Oil Sands “Tell it as it is.


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