Rex Murphy: Forget Wall Street, Occupy Hollywood

Rex Murphy is a Canadian commentator and author, who comments primarily on Canadian social and political issues.  To say he is outspoken would be an understatement.  His take on the “Occupy Movement” will certainly resonate with many.   His piece published in the National Post this morning asserts that it is not only Wall Street that should be protested, but also the excess in Hollywood, the music industry and professional sports.


There is no doubt that the entertainment industry has captured the heart and minds of the North American public.  It is seen as an escape from our day to day lives.  Billions of our dollars are accumulated in return for providing us a little relief.  Of course, the accumulation includes the media that stands to make millions with entertainment stories, broadcasts and news print.

At the very least, Rex’s piece should give us all some food for thought.

You hear it in every little encampment in every city that has a franchise in the current “Occupy” protests: The righteous tent-and-yurt people are against “greed.”

They see greed as the demonic dynamo of a rapacious capitalism (and its maidservant, “income inequality”). And what represents greed better than mega-payoffs, dazzling bonuses and stock options, for very little actual work, and sometimes even when performance is far below par? It is only to be expected that the high-flying brokers, bankers and CEOs that cluster like flies around the honey pots of Wall Street, who waltz off with payoffs that would shame a Croesus, are the occupiers’ main targets.

I suggest, however, that by limiting their wrath to the sharks and swine of Wall Street, they are, if I may say, shortchanging themselves. There are many venues and theatres of greed other than the stock market. And they are tenanted by agents of ferocity and appetite equal to any gold-lusting shill at an investment bank. Greed has many McMansions, and they are all worth the “occupying.”

Has anyone, for example, apart from her jilted “husband,” thought of occupying … Kim Kardashian?

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