DoD U.S. Military Casualties in Afghanistan as of 4 November 2011

As the Obama Administration is in the process of a draw down of 33,000 US troops in Afghanistan by next summer, another nine US soldiers have paid the ultimate price in the war torn country.  Another 122 were  wounded in action during the past week.  Afghanistan has become extremely violent during this summer and insurgents have been successful in penetrating Afghan security and targeting government offices and military installations.  On Friday a top U.S. General, Major General Fuller, was relieved of command after making derogatory remarks about Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Afghan government.  Fuller was the Commander in charge of training Afghan Security Forces, a priority of NATO with the impending withdrawal of NATO troops.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Major General Peter Fuller, a top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, was relieved of his duties on Friday after making comments critical of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a senior U.S. defense official said.

General John Allen, commander of the International Security Assistance Force, relieved Fuller as deputy commander of the effort to train Afghan security forces after Fuller told the Politico newspaper that Afghan leaders were “isolated from reality,” the official said.

Pentagon spokesman George Little told reporters earlier on Friday that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was aware of the remarks and Fuller had been speaking for himself and not the Defense Department.

“The secretary has full trust and confidence in General Allen’s judgment with respect to his decision in this case,” Little said in response to Allen’s decision to relieve Fuller of his duties.  Source: Reuters via

To say that the situation in Afghanistan is fluid would be understating it.  Afghanistan continues to be a dangerous place and recent events would indicated that the Taliban is still capable of inflicting damage on Afghan installations.  There has been some concern, and not without basis, that Afghan Security Forces would have difficulty in securing an independent Afghanistan without the assistance of NATO.

The Pentagon has reported that General Allen, the International Assistance Force Commander has been tasked to come up with a withdrawal plan for Afghanistan, including a proposal of a minimum requirement to ensure that the Taliban does not gain the upper hand after the departure of NATO in 2014.  There seems to be some indication that President Obama is looking at accelerating the process.

Meanwhile Herman Cain remains a target of the  mainstream media, although the accuser is not prepared to step forward and all of the allegations remain unsubstantiated.  Her lawyer should stop feeding the media, who are hungry to slam yet another Conservative black person.  With unsubstantiated rumours, the lawyer, who can’t get his client to speak, even though the National Restaurant Association was prepared to issue a waiver on the confidentiality agreement, should end the feeding frenzy.  Provide the evidence or stop the allegations.  The Cain campaign, correctly, is moving on and talking about the issues.  Herman Cain  continues his popularity, despite the allegations.

Drama played out this week in Europe.  After coming up with a temporary rescue plan for Greece, the Greek Prime Minister, Papandreou, announced that the would call a national referendum, sending global markets into the basement.  He reversed his decision after a revolution within his own party.  Last night his government survived a non-confidence motion in the Greek Parliament.  While it has eased the situation somewhat, it probably has only delayed the inevitable.  The Greek crisis has also hi-jacked the agenda of the G20 this week in France.

President Obama and his Administration continue to push his Jobs Act, maligning Republicans as heartless monsters that don’t want to create jobs.  Nancy Pelosi said this week that the unemployment rate would have been at 15% without the Presidents action on TARP.  What happened to the promise that it would remain at 8%.  What about the year wasted on the Affordable Health Act, which uncovers new surprises almost daily because no one read it.  One has to wonder what it’s like to live in lala land.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has turned violent this week, with disturbing results in Oakland.  This violence is blamed on professional agitators.  Hopefully no one gets killed in the process.  The tide of support for the movem1ent has also changed from an intial 58% to just 30% now.  Obviously, we the 99% are not that impressed.

With all this in the background, a suicide bomber attacked an armoured NATO bus in Kabul just one week ago, inflicting the majority of casualties on this week’s report.  17 were killed in total, including a Canadian, American soldiers and civilans as well as Afghan security forces.  Below are this weeks updated US casualty figures:

Op Enduring Freedom           Total Deaths   KIA   Non Hostile        WIA

Afghanistan Only                                   1716               1434         282                   14733

Other Locations                                       102                    12           90

DoD Civ Casualties                                      3                       1             2

Worldwide Total                                     1821                1447        374                   14733

Accumulated 2011 Casualties

KIA     Non Combat Deaths         WIA

337                     81                                  4617


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