Cain Accuser wants to Speak – Blocked By Confidentiality Agreement – Lawyer

Politico broke a story on Herman Cain on Sunday, where Cain was accused of sexual harassment according to anonymous sources. Herman Cain has denied the allegation and during an interview with Greta Van Susteren last night “On The Record” said that the allegations were baseless.   According to the woman’s lawyer, Joel P. Bennett, the woman wants to talk but can’t due to a confidentiality agreement.

Bennet told the Washington Post that it is just frustrating that Cain is going around badmouthing his client, while she is blocked by a confidentiality agreement.

It is just frustrating that Herman Cain is going around bad-mouthing the two complainants, and my client is blocked by a confidentiality agreement.  The National Restaurant Association ought to release them and allow them to respond.”

According to Politico there were two cases of harassment that Cain was accused of.  Cain claimed last night that the woman worked down the hall on the same floor as his office and that he seldom saw her, since he was on the road doing Restaurant Association business.  He recalled one event, where he told the woman that she was the same height as his wife putting his hand under his chin.  This could hardly be construed as harassment.

When the complaint was launched, Cain said, he removed himself from the investigation and it was handled by the Human Resources department.  To his recollection he was told that the case was baseless.  The settlement, apparently was equal to  a normal severance package.  Cain appeared confident and believeable during Greta’s continues drilling along the lines of a trial lawyer.

The lawyer Joel P. Bennett described his client as an Ivy League graduate that worked with Cain in the 90s.  He believes that his client would be very comfortable coming forward without a confidentiality agreement and no disparagement.

“For all practical purposes, Herman Cain has already done that”,  Bennett said. “But legally that might not constitute a waiver.”t

Cain appeared on Bret Baier’s Special report and stated that the did not violate the confidentiality agreement because he never mentioned the name of the one woman he recalled and could not recall the name of the second.  When asked if he would get a hold of the Restaurant Association and waive the agreement, he said that there were legal implications that he has not looked into yet.

Keep tuned, it seems there is a lot more to follow.


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