Canadian Soldier Among Those Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack

A Canadian soldier, Master Corporal Byron Greff, was among those killed in a deadly suicide attack in Kabul on Saturday.  Master Corporal  Byron Greff was part of a convoy moving between the training establishment and its accommodation.   A suicide bomber, traveling in a car loaded with 700 kilograms of explosives drove into a bus carrying NATO soldiers.  The incident killed 17 personnel, among them 12 Americans, 4 Afghans and Master Corporal Greff.  This was the deadliest attack since a helicopter was brought down in August by the Taliban, killing 38 U.S. soldiers, including 22 Navy Seals.

Master Corporal Greff was part of a Canadian training contingent of approximately 900 personnel, preparing Afghan Security Forces to handle their own security.

Master Corporal Byron Greff from the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based in Edmonton, Alberta. He was serving as a mentor and trainer on Operation Attention, the Canadian Forces contribution to the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan. His role was to advise Afghan National Army trainers who provide recruit training to Afghan soldier.

“To say that he was highly respected by his fellow soldiers would be an understatement,” said Col. Peter Dawe.

This was Master Cpl. Greff’s second deployment.

Source:  K&E

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