GMA Asks, Will Obama’s Lower College Loan Payments Plan Help?

By Edmund Jenks, Politisite West Coast Editor


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Good Morning America (GMA) Asks, Will Obama’s Lower College Loan Payments Plan Help?

or … Why Corporate Media Gets It’s Label “Lame Stream Media” – Polling Question Analysis

About 20 hours ago, Good Morning America posted up this question at the polling centered social web portal known as SodaHead:

Obama Unveils New Plan to Lower College Loan Payments. Will It Help?
by Good Morning America – Posted October 26, 2011 (20 hours ago)

The answers were posed/written as follows:

Yes, I think it will make a difference to students. – 1,917 responses

No, the plan doesn’t go far enough! – 1,562 responses
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The most popular answer to a question as per the number of “thumbs up”:

By – Tinka123 (edited) / 19 hours ago

Q) No, the plan doesn’t go far enough!

A) These answers aren’t skewed.

I guess we know what answer Good Morning America wants – too bad they didn’t include us [people who are not liberal or progressive] in their poll.

How about NO – it won’t work?

A YES answer offered this opinion (it was the only opinion left by a YES answer respondent out of 26 total opinions offered in 3479 total poll answers):

State Street / 19 hours ago

Yes, it will help tremendously. Education should be affordable to everyone.

A society that’s healthy, educated, and confident is harder to control than one that isn’t.

That I believe is why there are many elements on the right that don’t want something like that to come to fruition.

One person decided not to answer but just leave a comment on someone else’s NO answer as a REPLY:

Lanikai / 7 hours ago

I refused to pick one of the two BIASED answers. So I am tagging on you, if you don’t mind.

The break down I saw this morning on MSNBC, showed that a $212,000.00 private college education for 4 years, would mean the student eventually paid back just under $29,000.00 and the taxpayers eat the rest.

UNFAIR on every level.

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We, at MAXINE, left the following response to the Good Morning America Poll:

I voted NO … but it is not a matter if The Executive Branch’s plan goes far enough or not.

I voted NO, it will not help because the indebted student class is being cast into the same role for Government intervention and solution as the banks during TARP. Students are a target for the Government to create an involvement, which will only screw things up even more, just as the Government getting involved in mortgages gave us the economy we enjoy today.

Instead of punishing banks and other money lenders of student loans … make the Colleges issue a REBATE – on behalf of those having trouble meeting the terms of their loans – to the Banks! Isn’t it time that the real gougers of students/society be made to pay for their own action of pricing themselves out of a formally stable market?

Just asking.

Hey, ABC! … Nice posed/written poll answer choices … NOT!


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