Al-Jazeera and Green Peace Put Pressure on Obama to Nix the XL Keystone Pipeline

As a landowner, who has 13 acres of pipeline right of way crossing his land, the objection to the XL Keystone pipeline leaves me puzzled. The pipeline companies do everything within their power to negate the risk of any environmental disasters. Those that have received extensive tours of the Alberta oil sands, including Arizona Senator John McCain,  have been impressed with the environmental care of the project and the work being done to reclaim the land.   There will always be concerns raised by detractors, however one should look at the facts and not base the decision on ideology.

A State Department environmental assessment came to the conclusion that the risk to the environment are minimal. Although pipeline leaks have occurred recently in Illinois and Michigan, those pipelines were built over 30 years ago and the technology, both for construction and monitoring has improved significantly.

Most that are familiar with the project would agree that the approval of this pipeline is a “no brainer”. Even Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said so.

If the decision on the pipeline is based on facts, it will proceed. Any other decision would be ideological. With an embattled President it is hard to tell which way he will go.  One can hope that he bases his decision on facts.

While it is desirable to develop renewable energy resources, it is oil for the foreseeable future that fuels the economy.
The decision boils down to this:  “Does the US continue to depend on oil from the Middle East, stained with blood of American soldiers, or does it import its oil from a reliable neighbour that even likes Americans from time to time?”  The answer seems to be clear.

The project will also create thousands of temporary and permanent well paying union jobs. If Obama wants to create jobs, here is the opportunity. Good paying private sector union jobs.  The choice is yours.  China will be more than  happy to take Alberta’s so called dirty oil.  To this end there is a planned pipeline from Alberta to the West Coast community, Kitimat, British Columbia.

A report on Red State this morning shows that Al Jazeera has partnered with Green Peace to put pressure on Obama to nix the pipeline.  There have been protests at the White House for weeks trying to influence the decision.  Celebrities yearning for attention have come out of the woodwork touting how dirty this Alberta oil is and that it will cause an environmental disaster.  According to some it will all but kill off the planet.  Hypocrisy at its highest level.

After the fiasco with the Solyndra investment, it is clear that private industry is not yet ready to invest in the alternative energy market.  Oil, whether environmentalist want to face reality or not, will continue to fuel the economy for some time to come.  Just ask yourself why such a priority has been placed on starting the flow of oil in Libya and Iraq?  The answer should be apparent.   Also ask yourself where Al Jazeera’s interest is?

Al Jazeera, arguably the most terrorist-friendly news station after MSNBC, has offered some thoughts on the proposed Keystone Pipeline which will bring billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the United States.

Calling it a “pipeline of poison,” writer Dahr Jamail makes the case that the project will be an environmental catastrophe. Quite a shocker that the media outlet of choice in the middle east would be against something that might make us more energy independent.

But Al-Jazeera is not alone in this brave mission. They have found allies in the environmental movement as well, namely, Green Peace. In case you don’t know what Green Peace is all about, this video will give you a nice education:

via Al-Jazeera and Green Peace Unite Against Keystone Pipeline | RedState.

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