Pakistan’s active support for Taliban in Afghan war

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from October 1st 2007 until the 30th September 2011, said a month ago that Pakistan’s intelligence service (ISI) was actively involved in the planning and support of Taliban insurgents.  This was vehemently denied by Pakistan.  A BBC report published today indicates that Admiral Mullen was not far off the mark.

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In its report it highlights a suicide bomber,  who is held in a prison in Kabul by the Afghan Intelligence Service.  The prisoner claims that he was recruited earlier this year by Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency (ISI).  He says that he was trained as a suicide bomber to be used in the Taliban’s campaign against coalition forces and that his mission was overseen by an ISI officer in a camp in Pakistan. Within 15 days he was ready to go on his mission in Afghanistan.

While he deployed to Afghanistan, he later changed his mind and was subsequently captured by the Afghan Intelligence Service.

The BBC Report is below:

The United States now believes that for the last 10 years Pakistan has been playing a double game, publicly acting as America’s ally, while secretly training and arming the Taliban in its war against the US in Afghanistan.

In a prison cell on the outskirts of Kabul, the Afghan Intelligence Service is holding a young man who alleges he was recruited earlier this year by Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI.

He says the Pakistanis trained him to be a suicide bomber, to be used in the Taliban’s intensifying military campaign against the Western coalition forces.

The prisoner claims the preparations for his mission were overseen by an ISI officer in a camp in Pakistan:

“In the morning we were taken for training. The Pakistani man said that in Afghanistan there are non-believers. We are obliged to carry out jihad.”

After fifteen days training, he was ready to head to Afghanistan.

“There were three of us. We were put into a black vehicle with black windows. The police did not stop the car because it was obviously ISI. No one dares stop their cars. They told me … you will receive your explosive waistcoat, and then go and explode it.” Source


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