Gaddafi Buried in Southern Libyan Desert

After four days of display in Misurata, the body of the ousted Libyan dictator, Muammed Gaddafi was moved to a secret location in the southern Libyan desert and buried.  The burial took place at 5 am local time, with a few relatives and officials present.   The bodies of Mutassim Gaddafi and former Defence Minister Abu Bakr Younis were also buried at the site.  Muslim clerics were present at the burial and prayed over the bodies.  The burial ends 42 years of Gaddafi’s rule.

Officials of the provisional government of Libya (NTC) were trying to decide what to do with the body, but its decomposing state forced their hand and the burial had to take place.  During the program Power and Politics aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) the Libyan Ambassador said that they had to bury him.  Although some people had suggested that his body just be thrown in the sea, he said that under the  Islamic religion they had to bury him.  The place of burial will be kept secret as not to create a shrine for Gaddafi.

Although this ends the Gaddafi chapter in Libya, there are still several unanswered questions on the death of Gaddafi.  The official NTC account said that Gaddafi had died in a crossfire, but video coverage circulating appear to be telling a different story.  In separate accounts of Libyan fighters, one account said that Gaddafi was hurt during the capture but was standing.  Another account said that Gaddafi had not had the fatal shot to the head when placed in the ambulance.  Feeling the pressure the Interim Leader of the NTC, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, has ordered an investigation into the matter.

Human Rights Watch, based in NYC, reported finding of 53 bodies at a hotel in Sirte, with their hands bound at the back, apparently executed by Libyan rebels from Misurata.

The four day display of Gaddafi’s body and subsequent burial ends the chapter of a long brutal dictatorship in Libya.  Jalil has announced that the new Libyan legal system will be based on Sharia law, although he assured Western nations that Libyans are moderate Muslims.  There are no doubt many challenges as Libya enters the post Gaddafi era, one of them being to unite the revolutionaries.  Will it be a democracy in the Western sense?  Probably not.



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  1. How are you so sure when  Libyan Rebels fought against United States Soldiers and admitted they were members of al qaeda.  Rebels were also reported to be moving thousand of holders fired weapons out of Libya for future Jihad. 

    Are you reporting that Gaddafi was also not sodomized before being executed by Rebel forces.

    Please enlighten us that the Libyan rebels will not turn Libya into another Muslim theocracy and treat woman and Christians like dogs. 

    I am waiting for your kind reply.

  2. The news of 53 bodies found at a hotel and executed by Libyan rebels from Misurata is absolutely wrong!!! There is no such news. Rebels never do such a thing . In case there were, then they were executed by Geddafi’s forces or militias. The revolutionaries postponed going into Sert about 7 days just to help citizens move out of the city and give a chance for Geddafi’s forces to hand in their weapons , so it is nonsense if they catch Gedaafi’s forces, they kill them! They never do this with POW’s. 

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