Political Donations in Canada – Conservatives Lead the Pack

By Karl Gotthardt
Unlike the U.S. Canadian donations to political parties are limited to $1100 for personal donation in a given calendar year.   In addition, parties received $2 per vote from the public purse.  Overall the Conservative Party of Canada leads the pack ahead of the other two major parties (Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada.  A description of Canada’s Political Parties and what they represent  can be found in this article.

The governing Conservative Party is eliminating public subsidies to political parties, but it will be phased in over three years.  This year the subsidy is still $2 per vote and will be reduced to $1.50 in 2012, $1 in 2013 and 50c in 2014.  The subsidy will be completely eliminated by 2015.  While the Harper government was unable to pass this measure while during its five year minority rule, it finally had the majority to implement the measure.

While the party will be the biggest loser of public funds, it does much better than the other two parties when it comes to fundraising.  Around 12,000 people have given the maximum permitted since 2007, raising approximately $13 Million in personal donations.  This is in contrast to the Liberals who have raised $10 Million from 7,500 donours aatnd the New Democrats with 1,700 donours raising more than $3 Million.

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