How Did Gaddafi Die?

By Karl Gotthardt

The Mad Dog of Libya is dead.  The question now being asked is, “How did  the Dictator Die?”  There are conflicting reports, images and videos on how Gaddafi met his demise.  One account says that Gaddafi’s convoy was attacked from the air by French war planes and that a U.S. drone was also involved.

While Mammud Jibril, the head of the National Transitional Council, said that Gaddafi received a fatal shot in the  head  during a firefight, a commander of the revolutionary forces on the ground said that Gaddafi received leg and shoulder wounds and subsequently died.

According to Jibril’s account, the dictator was located in good health with a weapon and was put into a pick up truck.  When the vehicle started moving a firefight ensued between Gaddafi loyalists and Revolutionary Forces.   During the crossfire Gaddafi received the fatal head shot.  Some reports indicated that Gaddafi was alive on arrival at the Misurata hospital.  Jibril, however, reported that Gaddafi bled to death in the ambulance. An autopsy by the official coroner was inconclusive on who fired the fatal shot.

According to an employee of the NTC, Gaddafi was brutally beaten and then killed.  Officially there was no order to kill Gaddafi.  The Commander of Revolutionary Forces for Sirte said that Gaddafi tried to flee from a jeep and was then caught in a culvert with a Kalishnikov and his golden pistol.   Revolutionary fighters then wounded him in the legs and shoulder and thereafter he had died.  Graphic videos show the dictator alive when captured and surrounded by Revolutionary Forces.   In one of the videos a Revolutionary Fighter is holding a pistol to Gaddafi’s head.  Whether or not the fighter pulled the trigger cannot be determined in the video.  Was he killed in the crossfire or was he shot at close range by the Revolutionary forces? We may never know the whole story, although an autopsy revealed he was shot at close range.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay called for an investigation.

“On the issue of Kadhafi’s death yesterday, the circumstances are still unclear. There should be some kind of investigation given what we saw yesterday.  There are four or five different versions of how he died,” said Colville. “The two videos taken together are very disturbing.”

In the third account Gerard Longuet, the French Defence Minister said that French fighter aircraft had stopped a convoy of approximately 80 vehicles attempting to leave Sirte.  Revolutionary Fighters pulled Gaddafi from one of the vehicles and according to a U.S. representative a U.S. drone fired a missile at the convoy.

No doubt, the final demise of Gaddafi will be discussed in the days and months ahead.  While the International Court said it would investigate the matter, it is doubtful that any conclusive deductions will be reached.  Libya has removed the chains of a brutal dictator and in the end it was Libyans that captured and deposed him.  Unlike the capture of Saddam Hussein who was dug out of a hole by U.S. troops, in this case it was Libyans, a picture much more acceptable to Arabs.

The capture of Gaddafi opens a new chapter in the history of Libya.  No one knows what that chapter will write.  Europe has a vested interest in the outcome and Libya needs Europe for trade.  The Libyans must be seen to forge their own destiny without international interference.  The NTC now has the unenviable task of holding the lose coalition of tribal fighters together.

Step by Step Graphic :  How Gaddafi Died – National Post




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