CNN GOP Presidential Debate – Heat Turned Up on Romney and Cain

By Karl Gotthardt

Unlike previous debates, last nights GOP Presidential debate turned feisty.  Herman Cain was first to feel the heat on his 9-9-9 plan and immigration policy.  A report, released prior to the debate,  indicated that the Cain plan would boost the rich, but have a negative impact on the middle class and poor.   Cain deflected the criticism by referring the audience to his website and determine for themselves.  Romney was the subject of a personal attack by Rick Perry for hiring illegal immigrants.  Perry asserted that Romney was part of the problem.

“There is a magnet of people that will hire illegals, and you are number one on that list, sir,” he said

The debate, moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, had a great format, however it never left enough time (one minute) to answer detailed questions on national security, immigration and job creation.  Unlike previous debates, the candidates took aim at each other, although they did get a few licks in at President Obama.

Romney was also attacked on Romney Care, introduced during his time as governor of Massachussets.  Rick Santorum to Romney that his Health Care Plan was used as a basis for Obama Care. Romney categorically stated that he opposes Obama Care and that he would repeal it.

Perry said that during Romey’s time as Governor he created 40,000 jobs, while Texas created more than that in the last few months.  Romney defended his record by stating that he kept the unemployment rate at 4.7%.

Rick Perry showed up for the debate this time and seemed to fluster Romney on a couple of occasions.  Herman Cain held his own, while New Gingrich demonstrated his vast knowledge in both the functioning of government but also in foreign affairs.  Near the end of the debate, Gingrich argued that maximizing the bickering is not the best road to the White House.  While Newt is correct in this argument, it certainly makes good television and is good for ratings.

Ron Paul was, yes Ron Paul.  Michelle Bachmann made an attempt to reemerge, but was largely ignored by the other candidates.

Rick Santorum accused Rick Perry of supporting TARP by sending a letter to Congress, urging them to pass it.  Perry countered by stating that it was on the record that he did not support TARP and that he merely asked Congress to take action, any action.  Santorum’s performance beyond that was without impact.

It is doubtful that either of the two front runners were damaged by last night’s debate.  Romney and Cain held their own, Rick Perry may climb slightly on the polls and the remainder will likely remain where they were prior to the debate.

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