Raising Cain – A Threat to Liberals

By Karl Gotthardt Canadian and Military Issues Editor

Herman Cain’s folksy and blunt style has catapulted him in the lead in the GOP Presidential race, according to a national poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC.  The poll, which surveyed 1000 adults between Oct 6th and 10th, put Cain at 27% over Mitt Romney’s 23%.  This is jump of 22% from just six weeks ago.   The former Domino Pizza CEO’s rise to the top of the pile has been upsetting Liberals, which like to stereotype blacks.

The GOP field has seen a number of frontrunners.  This however does not appear to be the flavour of the week.   Cain’s progress has been steady and his 9 9 9 policy, though characterized as simplistic by his opponents has been resonating with the public.  Cain touts himself as the only non-politician vying for the nomination.   Some would call Cain the only true conservative running in the race and he appears to have the support of the Teaparty, which Liberals like to call racist.   So much for that theory.

Cain has had to put up with name calling from the Left and members of the black community, Al Sharpton and Professor West among them.  He is characterized as an uncle Tom or and Orio (black on the outside and white on the inside).  MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnel recently chastised Cain for not participating in the 1960s civil rights movement and accused him of cowardly sitting on the sidelines while blacks and whites marched and protested for black civil rights.  Imagine that coming from a white host.

Cain would be Obama’s worst nightmare, were he to win the nomination.  It would pit the socialist community coordinator against a successful entrepreneur.   Cain maintains that he could garner on third of the black vote.  Liberal pundits know this and a Cain candidacy worries them.  Liberals have made sure that the public is educated to let them know that the 9 9 9 plan is another tax cut for the rich and a massive increase in taxes for the poor.

In the weeks ahead you can rest assured that the Liberal anti-Cain rhetoric and name calling will continue and intensify.

An article by a black writer, Loyd Marcus,  in the Canadian Free Press says it all and makes for good reading:

“This article is for my black brother, a community leader and little league football coach who gets his news solely from the liberal mainstream media. Hopefully it will help him to understand why I, his big brother, is working with those white tea party people against his beloved black president.

This article is also for my black relatives who gave me a chilly reception at my grandmother’s 100th birthday party. I learned through the family grapevine they resent my involvement in the tea party and consider me an embarrassment to the family.

Well, I say to my embarrassed relatives, blame my instincts on the mentoring and leadership of my dad. My dad has been a Christian man of character and honor all of my life. So, when I see a characterless liberal political hack occupying my beloved country’s Oval Office, I refuse to join the flock of black sheep worshiping him because we share the same skin color.”  Source:  http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/41248?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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Karl Gotthardt - Politisite Managing Editor Maj. Gotthardt is a Retired Military Officer with 35 years service in the Canadian Armed Forces. He spent most of his time in the Military in Infantry Battalions. Karl took part in training for Afghanistan as an Operator Analyst with the Canadian Maneouvre Training Centre. Karl is a qualified military parachutist and military free fall parachutist. He earned his U.S. Master Jump Wings in Fort Benning, Georgia. Karl enjoys working with horses for the last 24 year. He owns six. He has experience in breeding, training and of course riding.Karl was born in Germany and is fluent in both English and German and he speaks enough French to "get in trouble". Karl has written or writes at NowPublic, All Voices, Tek Journalism and many others.

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