Poll: Occupy Wall Street What do they Want? Top10% pay 70% of the Taxes, Internet is a Right, Forgive Student Loans… More

I was quite surprised by two things: One, there are as many tourists, journalists, and photographers as there are protesters. And Second, the protesters, knowingly or not, are fairly unified a few basic beliefs.

Here is what our survey of the Occupy Wall Street protesters found:

  • 80% of those polled said that the rich should pay higher taxes and that it’s fair that approximately the top 10% of tax payers pay more than 70% of the taxes in the US and about 40% of employed people pay no income tax.
  • 93% say that student loan debt should be forgiven
  • 98% believe that health care should be free
  • 98% believe that Insurance companies make too much money and some of their profits should be taken to pay for more healthcare for others
  • 95% believe that drug prices should be controlled
  • 32.5% think the government will do a bad job managing healthcare
  • 44% believe that instead of spending money on ObamaCare, we should spend it on jobs today, while 30% believe that we should do both, and 27% say ObamaCare was fine use of money
  • 88% agree with the statement that “The government should put some controls on CEO pay – like limited to 20x or 30x the lowest paid employee.”
  • 93% believe that communications like cell phone and internet access be a right and not just reserved for the rich and we should have free internet and cell phone service as a national goal.
  • 54% do not believe that the Obama stimulus program was a good idea.
  • 84% said they think that if a bank decides to implement a $5 debit card fee, the government should not allow it, while 16% said let them do what they want – customers can move.

We asked respondents “1 to 10, with 0=Horrible and 10=GREAT, what are your impressions of the following organizations?:

Banks (such as Goldman Sachs) 1.2

Conglomerates 1.0

Oil Companies (such as ExxonMobil) 1.0

Tech companies (such as Apple, Google) 5.2

Auto companies (such as GM) 2.9

Drug companies (such as Pfizer) 1.5

Congress 1.7

Labor Unions 6.5

President Obama 5.1

Hedge Funds 1.9

WikiLeaks 7.1

Billionaires 2.3

Read the full story at  Forbes.

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  1. OWS protesters want: Free School, Free Health Care, Free Cell Phones, Free Internet, Free Drugs, No Taxes (for themselves), High Taxes (for everybody else)

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