Bloomberg / Washington Post / Dartmouth College Republican Presidential Debate October 11, 2011

The October 11 Republican Debate at Dartmouth will be streamed live on,, and Bloomberg Mobile. The pre-debate panel discussion, “Leading Voices: What’s at Stake in the Republican Debate,” will be broadcast live via Dartmouth’s YouTube channel. Visit the Debate at Dartmouth website for additional event information.

Debate to focus on economic issues

Dartmouth College will be an important stop this fall for the Republican presidential candidates when it co-hosts a debate on October 11 with the U.S. economy as the focus. The event will be broadcast nationally and around the globe by Bloomberg Television and streamed online by WBIN in Derry, N.H., will broadcast the debate throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

“We are pleased to host Republican presidential candidates at Dartmouth,” said President Jim Yong Kim. “The debate on the U.S. economy will take on critical issues of national importance and help us all make informed decisions on Election Day.”

via Dartmouth College to Host Republican Presidential Debate | Dartmouth Now.

Debate Viewing Information

The Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth College, and a special pre-debate panel featuring prominent journalists and Dartmouth professors called Leading Voices: What’s at Stake in the Republican Debate, will be broadcast live on multiple digital platforms on Tuesday, October 11. The Debate begins at 8 p.m., and the Leading Voices panel will run from 5 to 6 p.m.

Watch the Leading Voices Panel
Debate at Dartmouth website
Dartmouth’s YouTube channel
Dartmouth’s Facebook page

Watch the Debate Online
Washington Post Live

Watch the Debate on Television
Find a Bloomberg station in your area
Find WBIN-TV coverage in your area

Listen to the Debate
Bloomberg Radio

Join the Conversation
Use Twitter hashtag: #econdebate
Dartmouth’s Facebook page
Dartmouth’s Twitter page

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  3. 2012 Debate Schedule

Here is how the Candidates will appear from left to right: Huntsman, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Romney, Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum

At some debates (especially the early dates) the order of appearance is randomized or drawn.  As the debate schedule gets closer to the Iowa Caucus position are based on where one falls in the average of major polls.  Based on the Real Clear Politics Average the arrangement should be:

Huntsman 1.6%, Bachman 4.6  Perry 15.3 Cain 16.4  Romney 21.9  Paul 7.7 Gingrich 7.7  Santorum 2.4%

A few of the sites are taking credit for the leak of the Seating (Standing) Chart but there are more than a few political sites who have the chart.  Anyone with a computer and access to Real Clear Politics can take the averages and figure out the chart

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample Romney Cain Perry Paul Gingrich Bachmann Santorum Huntsman Spread
RCP Average 9/22 – 10/9 21.9 16.4 15.3 7.7 7.7 4.6 2.4 1.6 Romney +5.5
WP/Bloomberg/PSRAI 10/6 – 10/9 391 A 24 16 13 6 3 4 1 0 Romney +8
Gallup 10/3 – 10/7 1064 A 20 18 15 8 7 5 3 2 Romney +2
ABC News/Wash Post 9/29 – 10/2 RV 25 17 17 9 9 7 2 1 Romney +8
CBS News 9/28 – 10/2 324 RV 17 17 12 7 8 4 3 2 Tie
Quinnipiac 9/27 – 10/3 927 RV 22 17 14 6 8 3 3 1 Romney +5
Pew Research 9/22 – 10/4 876 RV 22 13 17 12 8 6 2 1 Romney +5
FOX News 9/25 – 9/27 363 RV 23 17 19 6 11 3 3 4 Romney +4

See All 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data

via RealClearPolitics – Election 2012 – 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination.

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