DoD US Military Casualties in Afghanistan as of 7 Oct 2011

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.  The invasion was a result of the attack on the World Trade Center.   Since then NATO has touted that Al Qaeda has been all but made ineffective, and the Taliban has been driven out of their strongpoints in Hellmand and Kandahar province.  Despite this, the Taliban is still dangerous and American soldiers are still being killed and wounded in Afghanistan.  During the past week another eight Americans laid down their lives, seven of which were killed in action.  Another 48 were wounded and a countless number are suffering from mental health issues, also called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

After ten years of war, NATO and the United States are drawing down, with a complete transition to Afghan Security forces by 2014.  There is some doubt that Afghan Security Forces will be able to handle the security for Afghanistan. The Taliban have been successful in some high profile killings, including Karzai’s brother and the top peace negotiator for the Karzai government.  Pakistan continues to be a major concern.  Admiral Mile Mullen recently accused the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) of complicity with the insurgents in the planning and conduct of operations that led to the attacks on government buildings in Kabul.

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