Obama Pitches Jobs Bill: ‘No Games, No Politics, No Delays’

President Obama announced today that he will be sending “The American Jobs Act” to Congress this evening and he once again urged lawmakers to quickly pass his $447 billion jobs bill to get the economy growing again.

“This is a bill that Congress needs to pass,” the president said in the Rose Garden Monday as he held up a copy of the bill. “No games, no politics, no delays. I am sending this bill to congress today and they ought to pass it immediately.”

The president’s legislation, intended to spur job creation and boost economic growth, includes tax cuts, assistance for the unemployed and aid for new construction and infrastructure projects.

“The notion that there are folks who would say ‘we’re not going to do what’s right for the American people because it’s not convenient for our politics,’ we’ve been seeing too much of that around here,” Obama said.

Obama repeated his stern warning for Republicans who may try to use his jobs bill as a political ploy in the upcoming 2012 election. “There are some in Washington who would rather settle our differences through politics and the election than try to resolve them now… That’s the attitude in this town,” Obama said. “Fact of the matter is the next election is 14 months away and the American people don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months for Congress to take action… These aren’t games we’re playing our here. Folks are out of work. Businesses are having trouble staying open.”

Continuing his strategy to elicit the public to sway Congress, Obama urged Americans to flood lawmakers’ in-boxes with messages of support for the legislation.

“We can’t afford these same political games, not now. So I want you to pick up the phone, send an email, get one of those airplane sky writers, dust off the fax machine… so long as you get a message to Congress.”

via Obama Pitches Jobs Bill: ‘No Games, No Politics, No Delays’ – ABC News.

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