Wisconsin Senate Recall Election Results Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Based on the latest polls, 2 of the 6 races are leaning GOP, 1 is leaning Democrat, and 3 races are toss-ups. Meaning tonight races will be a nail biter as 3 wins are needed to turn the tide of control to the democrats.  Keep checking back for results throughout the night as we will be updating every 15 minutes.

Update: Republicans seem poised to win a majority of seats as results from the Wisconsin recall election as unofficial results are currently favoring Wisconsin Republicans.

At least three Republican incumbents who supported Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s controversial push to limit collective bargaining rights held off Democratic challengers in recall elections Tuesday. Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles defeated Democratic challenger Nancy Nussbaum in a race that was called less than a hour after polls closed. Unofficial results in Tuesday’s election show Mr. Cowles leading with 58 percent of the vote compared with 42 percent for Ms. Nusbaum with 81 percent of precincts reporting.

District 2 100% reporting
Robert Cowles R    27543/60%  Nancy Nusbaum D 18039/40%
District 8 100% reporting
Alberta Darling R   39471/54% Sandra Pasch D      34096/46%

District 10 100% reporting
Sheila Harsdorf R   37099/58% Shelly Moore D        27250/42%

District 14 100% reporting
Luther Olson R     26554/52% Fred Clark D          24365/48%

District 18 100% reporting
Randy Hopper R   26937/49% Jessica King D      28187/51%

District 32 98% reporting
Dan Kapanke R        26724/45% Jennifer Shilling D   32192/55%

Via Wisconsin Vote

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