Starve oversized Federal Fovernment

Here is an interesting article by Randy Dye:

I decided to start this column with some history. That would be the collapse of the Soviet Union. History will tell you the Soviet Union collapsed due to its desire to gain world domination by building its economic foundation on a military industry.

The Soviet Union collapse was also a result of a lack of morality and honesty with its people. The main reason all great nations collapse sooner or later is from a lack of honor, morality and honesty. The Soviet people became more and more cynical about the government’s propaganda via the government-controlled media. Sound familiar?

Many nations that were previously under the Soviet grip broke away, and some are actually doing quite well being independent.

We as a nation were meant to be made up of several independent bodies under one Constitution. Each body had the right to self-govern its people, with the larger body of government known as the federal government serving in the role of providing national security for the independent states. The national government was never to be so large or controlling over the people. The people were to control the national government. Our founding fathers were well aware of how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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