Fox News Twitter Account Hacked, Hacker Sent Out Alarming Posts like, “President Obama killed”

Editors Note:  There are a couple of things one can do to make their account near hacker proof.  One is to use a password that has combination of numbers, Letters, lower and uppercase, and symbols.  (e.g. !@CqtA123ca).  Another is to make it long, the longer the better.  In this case, size does matter.

Fox News Twitter account was hacked.  The hackers thought it would be funny to announce that President Obama was killed.  Not Funny.  An example why folks should not rely on one source for news.

A series of alarming Twitter posts about President Obama appeared on Fox News’ Twitter account for political news early Monday morning, and the Web site for the cable television network said it was a victim of hacking.

The six messages created a flurry of attention overnight.

The Twitter account, @foxnewspolitics, one of many operated by Fox News, claimed that the president died while campaigning in Iowa, but gave no source for the news. On Monday morning, first posted a brief statement saying that the reports were incorrect, and that it regretted “any distress the false Tweets may have created.”

The six messages were removed online around noon on Monday, about 10 hours after they were first posted, but not before attracting a flurry of attention overnight and in the morning.

Because of the seriousness of the content, containing graphic, though fictional, descriptions of the president’s death, senior Secret Service officials had gathered Monday morning to discuss them, said a law enforcement official who declined to be identified because of an investigation into the matter.

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