The DCCC has a new woman to beat up on, Michele Bachmann

Here is the latest DCCC fund raiser.  Seems liberal have total disdain for Conservative Woman.  I guess Sarah Plain is off the hook?

President Bachmann?

Can you believe this? House Republican, Tea Party Caucus Chairwoman, and extremist Michele Bachmann has now officially announced her campaign for President.

Not only does she think she can win, but many pundits think she’s a contender. Even the latest polls show she’s in a good position.

So why does this matter? Michele Bachmann is the EXACT kind of extremist we’re fighting to keep OUT of Congress. We have just 72 hours left to put together the strongest possible mid-year fundraising totals and put Tea Party Republicans on notice that that we’re going to defeat them in 2012.

Contribute $3 or more before the mid-year FEC deadline so we have the resources necessary to keep Republicans like Michele Bachmann out of Congress. Your gift will be triple-matched by House Democrats.

As Research Director, I’ve spent the last four years unearthing the truth about candidates like Michele Bachmann. Let me tell you, she’s only the tip of the iceberg.

With Bachmann’s announcement, it’s more critical than ever that we report strong fundraising totals to show the world that grassroots Democrats are the ones with the real momentum going into 2012.

Kevin McKeon
DCCC Research Director

P.S. We’re fighting day and night to make sure President Obama has a Democratic Majority in the House. His agenda depends on it. But if we let tea party crazies like Michele Bachmann get elected to Congress, that agenda will go nowhere. Contribute today.

BTW if you want to see the woman that liberals are so afraid of, here is here schedule while she is in South Carolina


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