ATF fires Fast and Furious Whistle Blower Agent Vince Cefalu

Republican Darrell Issa of CA, wrote a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Deputy Director William J. Hoover, demanding that there be no reprisals against the ATF agents testifying in the illegal Operation Fast and Furious; the operation termed “Felony Stupid” by Issa.

Twenty four hours later, Agent Vince Cefalu received notice that the agency wants to terminate him, after thirty years, for an apparent “lack of candor”.

Agent Cefalu problems with the ATF go back four years, when he caused ill feelings with the agency by refusing to use illegal wiretaps set up by local law enforcement, a case referred to as “Road Dog”.

I threw the locals under the bus. … I became the most vocal critic and they got sick of my s***.

For the last four years, Cefalu has been given jobs with no importance to get him to retire early.

They put me in a cage, paid me full salary, and hoped it would break me down mentally and I would retire.

In May, Cefalu did a three part interview with CNN b Anderson Cooper, concerning problems in the ATF; since then, he has only been given 122 minutes worth of work, not the usual investigative work, he was instructed to change batteries or fill up cars with gasoline.

He has endured seven internal affairs investigations, since he blew the whistle, with an attorney present, he answered every question.

He represents dozens of other officers with grievances against the ATF and if he is terminated or retired early, he thinks the ATF will consider those grievances dead..

Cefalu maintains that there should be prosecutions in the failed Operation Fast and Furious, AKA as Gunwalker.

via Issa Warns – Spare The Whistle Blower; ATF Fires Him | Flopping Aces.

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