House Votes Down Granting Authority for Libya War by a 238-to-180 vote

The House of Representatives on Friday rejected by a 238-to-180 vote a resolution that would have put sharp restrictions on funding the U.S. role in the NATO-led military operation in Libya.

The bill, which would limit the U.S. role to non-hostile actions such as search and rescue, aerial refueling, operational planning, intelligence gathering and reconnaissance, got a majority of Republican support while Democrats overwhelmingly rejected it. Similar legislation is considered to have little chance of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate.

The House earlier Friday voted 295-193 against a resolution supporting U.S. involvement in Libya, with Republicans overwhelmingly rejecting it and a narrow majority voting for it. Both measures are seen as a rebuke of President Obama, who many in Congress believe failed to sufficiently consult with them before committing the United States to the operation.

The House on Friday voted against authorizing U.S. participation in a military campaign in Libya, opposing President Barack Obama’s decision to commit resources without congressional approval. (Source CNN)

The House voted 295-123 to reject the resolution. Almost six dozen Democrats joined Republicans to challenge Mr. Obama. The American president joined the international campaign in March to stop Col. Moammar Gadhafi from massacring civilians.

Antiwar liberals and conservative Republicans say that Mr. Obama needs authorization from Congress to continue the U.S. role. The White House has said that it doesn’t need congressional approval because the American role doesn’t rise to the level of hostilities that would trigger the War Powers Resolution, the Vietnam-era law intended to check the president’s war powers.

via  Carolina Politics Online.

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