I agree with Bill Maher: Islam is a Religion of Peace that Kills you when you disagree with them

Future news – Imam issues Fatwa against Bill Maher!

An informative and intelligent discussion that desperately needed to be had outside the world of the news media and inside Maher’s world — the world of popular culture.

The most telling moment here is the audience reaction after Maher pulls no punches and says the following:

“What it comes down to, is that there is one religion in the world that kills you when you disagree with them. And they say, ‘Look, we are a religion of peace, and if you disagree, we’ll cut your fucking head off.’”

The studio audience … applauds.

In the past, whenever Maher’s brought this truth up in this way, his audience has audibly gasped as the silent tension became thick and immediate. At this point, Maher was always on his own as his guests shifted uncomfortably in their chairs and the audience gulped for air to fight off a case of the PC vapors.

To his credit, though, Maher keeps on keeping on, keeps making this case and telling this truth as he sees it, and it appears now as though it’s finally penetrating.

Don’t get me wrong, Maher’s still Maher, but he’s righteous on this one — not only on the issue itself, but in his refusal to have his free speech rights cowed and shamed into silence by the PC fascists that infest his world on the Left.

Better yet, if last night’s audience is any kind of indicator — and I think it is — he’s winning this debate.

Over to you, Jon Stewart…!

via Big Hollywood

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