Madison Mayor, Wisconsin 14, and the Union Conspiracy, orchestrated Flee out of state

It appears that the fourteen Wisconsin Senators real constituents are the Unions and not the general welfare of the citizens of the state.  An undercover investigation reveals that the Madison Mayor, Senators, orchestrated the stunt in order to renegotiate Union contracts prior to a vote in the State Senate came to fruition.

At Moe Lane writes an explanation:

This is, by the way, precisely why such doctrinaire conservatives such as FDR hated the very idea of public sector unions. The temptation towards corruption is built-in, and is tragically easy to succumb to.

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UpdateBig Labor’s Lies: Richard Trumka’s Bald-Faced Falsehoods on Wisconsin’s Budget Stalemate, at American Power. At the site, Professor Douglas has a video of Trumka on PBS News Hour last night. He debunks Trumka’s claims in this post.

via Madison Mayor, WI ‘Fleebaggers’ appear to have colluded with unions – Common American Journal.

Statement from Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on State Budget

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz released the following statement today regarding Governor Walker’s state budget address.

“Our state faces serious challenges because of the Governor’s biennial budget and budget repair bill. Scott Walker continues to push policies that attempt to divide us. But in the face of these challenges, I will work to bring our community together, because we do things differently in Madison.

“We respect our workers and work together with them. We invest in our schools because there’s nothing more important to the health of our city than the health of our public schools. And we bring people together to solve our problems.

“As soon as I learned of the massive cuts to schools, I reached out to Superintendent Dan Nerad and Madison teachers to commit to work together as a community and unite our response to the challenges we’re facing. I will also call a meeting of city managers, labor leaders and non-represented employees this week to begin to prepare our joint response to these drastic cuts.

“Working together, we will protect our workers, our schools and our families.”

via City of Madison News Release.


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