Doctors writing Excuse for Wisconsin Teachers for being ‘Sick’ while at Protest – Caught on Video!

These Union protesters are teaching your children.  I wonder if they pass on their ethical standards to students?  Doctor on scene writing doctors excuses for Teachers who called in sick to attend protests.  Sickouts are like a strike and are illegal.  Again, should these people be teacher your children?

MediaTrackers is on the scene for today’s protests in Madison. They captured this doctor on video signing ’sick’ forms for union members skipping work. As you know, hundreds of schools across the state have been forced closed because teachers have called in ’sick.’ Yet another good lesson to be teaching the next generation. Stay tuned for more video and reports from Madison.

via » Doctors Helping Teachers Lie About Being ‘Sick’.


Althouse:  spoke to another doctor — I assume he’s a doctor — and I asked him whether he was worried, with all the cameras here, about his reputation. He said no. But he didn’t use a political defense. He didn’t say he supported the protesters and wanted to help them. He said people really do have symptoms, and it’s a normal thing for doctors to believe patients who report symptoms and to write excuse notes for them. People call doctors all the time to get the required notes, and doctors trust the patients to report their symptoms properly. He ticked off the symptoms I’ve listed above.

via Althouse: At the Wisconsin protest, doctors offer to write excuse notes for teachers who called in sick..

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