Thousands more Documents to appear on Wiki-leaks

What other classified US military documents might be posted on the internet?

Thousands more Documents to appear on Wiki-leaks

Julian Assange, the founder of the website, Wikileaks, says there will be more, posted within weeks.

Wikileaks initially posted  more than 91-thousand documents, mostly intelligence reports relating to Afghanistan.

Assange told NBC that this has “emboldened” others to come forward with more documents, including details of “internal abuses,” including sexual abuse, within the US military.

The Obama Administration has called the leaks damaging, said they endanger troops in Afghanistan as well as Afghan families named in the reports, and urged Assange not to publish any more of them.

The State Department says the impact may go beyond the battlefield.  Spokesman PJ Crowley said, “Intelligence services all over the world will be looking over [the documents] and seeing what they can glean in terms of how we gain information and this can have a national security impact.”

Assange says he offered previously to let the White House view the documents before they were posted.

A White House spokesman says that is “absolutely unequivocally not true.”

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Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010 – WikiLeaksSummary

25th July 2010 5:00 PM EST WikiLeaks has released a document set called the Afghan War Diary, an extraordinary compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010.

The reports, while written by soldiers and intelligence officers, and mainly describing lethal military actions involving the United States military, also include intelligence information, reports of meetings with political figures, and related details.

The document collection is available on a dedicated webpage.

The reports cover most units from the US Army with the exception of most US Special Forces’ activities. The reports do not generally cover top secret operations or European and other ISAF Forces operations.

We have delayed the release of some 15,000 reports from the total archive as part of a harm minimization process demanded by our source. After further review, these reports will be released, with occasional redactions, and eventually in full, as the security situation in Afghanistan permits.

The data is provided in HTML (web), CSV (comma-separated values) and SQL (database) formats, and was rendered into KML (Keyhole Markup Language) mapping data that can be used with Google Earth. Please note that the checksums will change.

via Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010 – WikiLeaks.

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