Rahm Emanuel to be thrown under the Bus over Sestak Bribe?

The evasiveness over the Sestak job offer is quite telling to us.  Look for blame to be placed in the lap of Rahm Emanuel.  We are hearing that someone is going down over this issue and to clear the White House air prior to the elections, he will be replaced.  I feel family issues are mounting and he will resign to spend more time at home.  But all this is speculation, right?  Look at the following posts around the net for clues.

We think Rahm Emanuel is behind the bribe. It’s the sort of thing Emanuel does, when he’s not screaming nude at someone in a gang shower, or doodling “Rahm Beiber” in his notebooks in the bulbous empty space inside large, swooping hearts.This is the sort of job-offer-for-quitting-something that happens every day here in Chicago. Chicago went to Washington January 20th, 2009 to make things extra hopeychangey, so if pressure is really put as to who dreamed up and offered this bribe — which appears to be a federal crime — it could very well land Emanuel in an orange jumpsuit.

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Look Who’s Behind the White House – Sestak Stonewall

You see, on March 10, Issa also sent a letter to Bauer, the White House counsel to the president, requesting specifics: Did White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel contact Sestak? Did White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina (whom another Democrat, U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff, has accused of offering a cabinet position in exchange for his withdrawal)? How about the White House Office of Political Affairs? Any other individuals? What position(s) was/were offered in exchange for Sestak’s withdrawal? And what, if any, steps did Bauer take to investigate possible criminal activity?

via GOPUSA » Commentary » Malkin: Look Who’s Behind the White House – Sestak Stonewall.

High Ethical Standards? Then Investigate the Sestak Allegations

Grade A bullshit, That’s how the West Wing views the hullabaloo that Republicans are making over Joe Sestak’s allegation about having been offered a senior administration job in exchange for not running for Senate. Number one, having asked chief of staff Rahm Emanuel whether he in fact made the offer, White House lawyers seemed to be satisfied that the language was equivocal enough. Number two, all the noise has been coming from the right — a partisan right that’s eager to delegitimize the Obama government. Number three, Sestak was never threatened with anything; at best, he was given options, neither one of which involved harm to his political or personal aspirations. But now that Sestak is the Senate nominee from Pennsylvania, and now that the non-Republican media has begun to incorporate the Sestak question in their daily discourse, the White House has to wonder whether the story is going to to float away, or whether it’s going to stick.

via High Ethical Standards? Then Investigate the Sestak Allegations – Politics – The Atlantic.

Bribe Charge: Issa Jobsgate Video Slams Sestak, Gibbs

“Did Rahm Emanuel or Jim Messina [the Deputy White House Chief of Staff] contact you for a job?” demanded York’s WSBA radio host Gary Sutton. Sestak refused to answer. The same scenario had also unfolded on a Wilkes-Barre show. In each case, as Issa has now captured in his video, the one-time Admiral clearly has no intention of telling the truth and shows a defiant resistance to reporting the truth about what one legal analyst after another, including Kelly and Napolitano, has said is in fact a federal crime.

What Issa directly now calls “a bribe.”

via The American Spectator : Bribe Charge: Issa Jobsgate Video Slams Sestak, Gibbs.

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