Florida Gov Crist to make major announcement Thursday

Whenever the term “Major Announcement”  is in the header of a political press release, it means change.   But in Crists case it may just be that in Florida, he has to sign documents that identify what party one intends to run.

Crists Numbers are pretty poor for the republican primary and just a bit better as an independent.

He has too many negatives if he changes his status. One is being asked by Fox news Sunday if he would run as a Republican.  Three times he said he would.  Trust is a major issue for candidates more in 2010 than in recent past.  Could voters trust a man who said he would run as a Republican and change at the last minute.  That is change people can’t believe in this cycle.

What is the best scenario for Governor Charlie Crist?  Bail out of the race and live to fight another day.

The suspense swirling around Florida GOP Gov. Charlie Crist’s political future will culminate in an announcement Thursday.

Crist told his cabinet Tuesday morning that’s the day he’ll make clear whether he will stay in the Senate race as a Republican, run as an independent or drop out altogether.

“I’d like to go ahead and get that concluded then look forward to the last day of session,” Crist said, as reported by The Palm Beach Post.

Crist said he hasn’t made up his mind yet, but most political observers believe he’s likely to leave the GOP.

Friday is the deadline for federal candidates to file for office in Florida.

Many Republicans are betting that he’ll bolt the party.

“The clock is making him decide now. I just don’t see a path for him to stay in the Republican primary,” said David Johnson, a GOP consultant and former executive director of the party.


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