Sen Boxer mentions the Tea Party at fundraiser, Half the the presidents letters call him an idiot

I didn’t read that in a Rasmussen poll half of the 10 letters he reads a day call him an idiot.  Hows that for a statistical sample? POTUS says he gets 10 letters delivered to him each day.

The President says, About half of the 10 letters her reads each day call him an idiot

Check out the White House press pool report.  The fact that Senator Boxer mentions the Tea Party is either that is a good button to push with this audience to raise funds or the Tea Party movement is not irrelevant in her mind (or I guess, a bit of both.)

Sent: Mon Apr 19 20:47:12 2010

Subject: Pool report 3

Pool van passed dozens of protesters on way to VIP reception, where we are told POTUS will make brief remarks to about 200 donors.

Walked through a big, airy building to medium-sized, nondescript room. Sen Boxer was already speaking. Talking about her opponents, Boxer says she won’t m.ention them by name but notes “they’ve been beating up on me.”

“Are you ready to go toe to toe” with tea partiers? She asks. Crowd applauses.

Introducing POTUS, Boxer lists challenges Obama faced taking office.

“He is my friend. He is my pal. And more than that, he is the friend of the American people.”

POTUS appears enthusiastic, hugs Sen. Boxer and says “it’s good to see you” to the crowd. DNC Chairman Tim Kaine joins him on the stage, flanked by American and Californian flags. He is holding a mic. Still wearing same dark suit and maroonish tie as when he left Washington.

“It is just wonderful to be back in California and I can’t think of a better reason to come back to California to get Barbara Boxer re-elected,” loud applause.

POTUS reiterates list of challenges, two wars, jokes about the pirate crisis that Boxer mentioned.

“The fact is that as touch as the situation has been in Washington, it’s been a lot tougher on the ground” for the American people.

POTUS says he gets 10 letters delivered to him each day. “About half of them are calling me an idiot … but the other half … tell again and again just heart breaking stories about children asking why it is they have to move even though they really like the house they live in,” or families talking about how they are going to take care of their parents or how they are going to make their mortgages.

via Sen Boxer mentions the Tea Party at fundraiser with the President « Gretawire.

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