Can you Trust Crist? "I am not running as independent" Yeah Right!

How many times did we here Senate Candidate Charlie Crist say he was running as a Republican and would not seek the job as an independent

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist told a Tampa television station Monday that he’s thinking about running for U.S. Senate as an independent.

In an exclusive interview with ABC affiliate WFTS, Crist signaled that he would take his time to weigh his options.

“The law gives you until April 30 to make such a declaration and I’m going to take my time and be as thoughtful as I need to be,” Crist said. “I’m getting a lot of advice in that direction and I’m a listener so I’m certainly listening to it.”

The language is the strongest demonstration to date that Crist is pondering leaving the Republican Party.

Asked why he cancelled television ads this week that were set to run in Tampa and Orlando, Crist replied, “We’re going to change it up a little bit. I wanted to highlight what we have done in our administration.”

Crist told WFTS that new ads would begin airing shortly, perhaps as soon as this evening.

In a memo to top Republicans Monday, National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Rob Jesmer wrote that “there is zero chance” Crist will continue running in the Republican primary.

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HotAir Puts it this way

Update: He says he’s not bowing out, and since his chances of winning the GOP primary are now precisely zero, I guess that means he’s going indie. Unbelievable.

In an exclusive interview, Gov. Charlie Crist (R., Fla.) tells National Review Online that “damn right, I’m staying in this race.” He tells us that he will not run as a Democrat. “I was never going to do that.” He will either stay in the GOP Senate primary or he will choose to run as an independent by the April 30 deadline. As of today, he says he is “still undecided” about which of those two options he will pursue.

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead,” Crist says. “I’m having the time of my life.” This will-he, won’t-he talk, he adds, is “getting way too much attention . . . there is way too much focus on candidates. I’m trying to stay focused on governing.” If people think he’s “in a corner,” then they’re “wrong,” he says. “I’d argue the exact opposite. I don’t succumb to pressure.”

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